Windows application development: the new dimension of business

We provide cost-effective Windows application development services to help small, medium and large companies in creation of innovative apps.

Our software development company pays special attention to the design of software packages for functional and easy-to-use on all mobile and desktop devices.

How We Create Innovative Windows Programs

We bring together the most experienced Windows and .NET developers, who have the best skills and deep understanding of Windows application development standards to work efficiently for our local US and global clients.

  • Our company uses the latest frameworks, libraries and technologies to create Windows-based apps.
  • We are coding on different programming languages, such as Assembler and Java, C ++ and PHP, working with Microsoft SQL and SQL Server. Our developers have excellent experience in Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Microsoft Dot .NET, Visual Studio, Windows Mobile 6.0, Windows CE, J2ME, Windows Mobile SDK and more. Name some. Our development team has constantly improved the experience to demonstrate modern improvements and achievements in the IT market so that we can deliver state-of-the-art applications.


A few years later, Internet services were brought to mobile devices. However, as smartphones and tablets usage increases, there is a significant increase in mobile internet usage on mobile devices. Today's mobile Internet is the most effective and popular tool for browsing, buying or chatting, and it has to stay the customer's great shopping market for the next decade. This is one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers.

Our knowledge of application development makes your online business equally attractive on the move and online. We provide comprehensive Windows Mobile / PDA application development services to help customers stay in touch with the clients and partners through bespoke IT solutions.

This area of ​​expertise helps us design and build user-friendly Windows apps that simplify the user experience on the one hand and help you deal with valuable facts about each other.

Each client's engagement begins with software definition, examining the scenarios in which the program can be used, identifying appropriate technology, and conceptualising key patterns. In-depth knowledge of the technology and in-depth knowledge of the digital marketplace will help us build custom packages and migrate your existing packages to the Windows platform.

Developing Windows Mobile apps

Windows Mobile has created a new base suite for smartphones. So your phone is now a smart tool for surfing the internet, using email, keeping schedules and contacts in place, and managing corporate files on the go. With its new user interface and multi-touch technology, these new smartphones guide advanced apps that have never been seen in the market before. Devices running Windows include pocket desktops, removable media centers, and smartphones.

Our US developers use deep technical information in developing Windows utilities to provide powerful solutions for Windows-based devices We have a skilled work in the .NET Compact Framework, j2me, C ++ and similar technologies People, these technical aspects give us a belief confident that our development group can absorb even the most difficult case of Windows Mobile development.

The team of builders, designers, talented marketers and project managers on Windows helped to create the user interface, kept customers at all stages and then developed the application and licensed it.

  • We are in mobile app development for nearly a decade

  • Strategy / Roadmap

  • Strategy

  • Project

  • UX Design

  • UI layout

We are in mobile app development for nearly a decade:

Here is a list of the apps we are be able to help you with:

  • Custom Software
  • Social Media Activation Solution
  • Application for finance, management, education
  • Games and Entertainment apps as well as social nets

Strategy / Roadmap

This approach is crucial to achieving the desired aspirations within the set of timelines. We usually develop a method, and then we get a roadmap for success. The strategy of defining the initial stage allows us to:

  • Understanding consumers' expectations and priorities correctly
  • Keep the investment in line with the company's average objectives
  • Collaborate with current packages
  • Enjoy a unique architecture
  • Understand the vision of the future

Our design and development group offers our clients special services that go beyond the scope of project development. We choose to care about your actions as early as possible and act as a consultant and IT specialist to help you maximize risk capital. We provide our overview of strategy and design consulting services.


Elaboration of strategies by senior strategists and architects to complete. The process begins with the discovery session. These meetings are dynamic and active in order to obtain the maximum possible awareness and reach at the success just from the beginning of the project. Then our IT team will provide a preliminary recommendation and based on your industry knowledge we will together create a strategy and prioritise the functional tasks.


Customizing Windows apps allows corporate clients to break shackles and gain more flexibility. Extensible, performance-enhancing apps will interact with your employees and give them the ability to streamline their work day. Our Windows application development team works with inhouse creative designers to keep all the components of your software joined in one attractive and convenient user interface and to deliver a great user experience on any device.

UX Design

User Experience Design The initial design of the application is considered the user experience design area. Here the group has developed a screen so that it captures the overall style and features of the project. In a number of concepts and perspectives, our programmer teams and customers can agree on the overall look of the application based on a fully-designed samples of the main screens.

UI layout

Based on the UX design, a full set of UI features have been created. With this concept, it is possible to define all the screens and components applied and complete the whole art. At the end of the UI design section, a full screen is provided for client approval.

Our company provides:

  • Cross-platform integration
  • Ability to increase
  • Operating system update
  • Integration and testing

Porting and enhancing

Our company has deep expertise in services and portability upgrades, allowing teams to ensure that their apps can support multiple systems with exceptional capabilities.

Experts specialize in better migration and application migration services on platforms such as iOS, Android, Symbian and j2me.

We ensure availability across application platforms with porting services.

After years of efficient work, our team of experts has gained great experience and is a leader in implementing effective strategies. A strong strategy is needed to overcome the harsh market conditions. The variety of operating systems, the number of mobile devices, and the power and screen size of a wide range of tools make porting and updating a great initiative. In any device, our team has found all the projects challenging and challenging.

We perform the following procedures:

  • Create a reference port that determines the target system and device form based on the needs of the application port.
  • Perform a gap analysis to assess the required migration.

The platform and device evaluations are fully implemented to identify any limitations that may limit the application application migration needs.

Testing and Security

The mobile application test is comparable to the software test, but with different requirements. We observed a highly mobile test method to provide customers with error-free apps.

QA specialists and testers check the functionality, usability, and consistency of created Windows apps. We carry out a follow-up test of these projects:

  • Test on a variety of devices - check the compatibility of multiple devices.
  • Check different networks - Test the software features of CDMA and GSM providers.
  • Interference Testing - Check software functionality when you receive or send text messages, calls, notifications, media on / off, network outages, and more.
  • Usability tests - Check the visibility of content in special languages ​​and navigation.
  • Interface - Tests whether each screen displays textual content on screens, buttons, and messages displayed.
  • Install the test - verify that the application is installed correctly and the way and text displayed during installation
  • Performance Verification - Experience the overall performance of your utility according to your requirements. Check reaction time, battery consumption, memory leaks, sync and more.
  • Security - Evaluate data encryption and access to downloaded files.
  • Certification Test - The application meets the guidelines established by the certification body.

Throughout the development phase, advanced programs test first on the emulator and then on real devices.

Enterprise Software Integration

Enterprise Integration is an architectural technology field with the theme of System Interconnection, Electronic Record Interchange, Product Record Interchange and Distributed Computing Environment. Enterprise Utility Integration is an integrated framework of technologies and services that form a middleware that integrates systems and processes across the enterprise

The integration between mobile apps and business apps brings exquisite profits and business empowerment. For example, if salespeople need to use utilities to enter today's revenue data, the accuracy of these numbers is highly dependent on real-time integration with plans or back-end company structures.

Thanks to our global experience, our team of experts already has cutting-edge practices. Our development staff easily combine the existing program with the new created apps.

So essentially we need to think about integrating mobile apps with business data to enable enterprise data and users, but the results, insights, and collaborative results generated by the application must have a way of returning to the reporting structure.

Let's create a perfect Windows application for you

As a highly professional development team we guarantee, in cooperation with you, you will receive state-of-the-art digital products that provide:

  • Sales revenue increased significantly
  • Huge development / increase worker productivity
  • Better customer service
  • Reduce reaction time
  • Competitive benefit and market advantage
  • Smooth access to information
  • Less office work

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