Custom web application development: how digital solution can improve your business

We’ve made custom web application development our forte and now offer you our services. A gifted team of designers, developers, and marketers is always there to solve your problems with the creation of internet application. To build it our team embraces your ideas and turn them into a steady masterpiece of web architecture. Our agency takes deep pride in our understanding of software fundamentals and technologies that allows us to easily craft applications for corporate and private clients, for both Intranet and Internet. It’s up to you where your app will proudly stand, just let us do what our team is best at.

Custom web application development: how digital solution can improve your business

With the recent rate of technology growth, we are yet to see another avalanche of emerging internet technologies, which will send disputes like “PHP vs. Java” into the dustbin of history. The best solution in these circumstances would be to come up with a web application before your rivals. Just look at the benefits you can get from it:
  • It allows you to communicate with millions of users instantly and directly, thus increasing their loyalty;
  • A beautifully crafted web application can also attract thousands and thousands of new clients;
  • Nothing helps you allocate revenues from different sources like a perfectly designed internet app;
  • It’s amazingly easy to use and relatively simple to create web app.

Benefits of web-based applications

Custom web application development provides you powerful tools, allowing you to build in such features as file management, user interaction, online payment and much more! This may not only automatize a major part of processes and ease the lives of your clients, but also administrate your workflow and divide your tasks into strict points. Another huge advantage of internet applications is that it may be used remotely, without installing additional software. In other words, it’s accessible everywhere and at any time either for your users or employees.

Our experience

There’s almost no feature that our team couldn’t bring to life in your web application. After years of practicing, they’ve mastered our developing instruments and learned how to create a successful internet app. In these years our company have left many of our clients satisfied, bringing them beautifully crafted products in shortest time for reasonable cost. Here’s why.

High expertise

Our firm have been developing web applications for many years, and in this time we’ve learned how to find solutions for every problem that stands in our way. Through our knowledge of HTML5, JS, CSS3, and other development tools, our team is able to overcome any difficulties in the process of app creation.

Outstanding competence

It’s impossible to make a great internet or mobile application without an experienced team. So our team gathers competent professionals for each task: our designers make your app’s UX/UI splendidly smooth and guarantee that your users will enjoy using it, while our coders and engineers make sure that it will perform brilliantly and fluidly.

Constant practicing

After years of iterative development, our company have come to the point where our skills can be called outstanding, thus granting us a huge advantage in this business. We automatize and rationalize our working processes to make better apps in less time without losing quality.

Client-oriented attitude

It’s crucial for us to leave you contented with the final product, so in the process of development, your interests always come first. In our business, it’s utterly significant to lead your enterprise towards success and prosperity, so you may be sure that all your wishes will be incorporated into the final version of your application.

Quality control

Our firm cares about our work very much and strive to do it as good as possible. To maintain good renome and be sure of the quality of our internet applications, our team constantly performs QA tests at every stage of development. Our team of testers regularly checks for bug and errors in application behavior, so we guarantee excellence in every aspect of your future app.

Troubleshooting and support

During the process of development and debugging our company proposes free and qualified support for users of your internet or mobile application. Our team also provides technical assistance after initial release to make sure that everything works correctly.
  • Web application development software and guidelines

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript


  • PHP

Web application development software and guidelines

Programming languages are strictly logical and hierarchical, so it’s necessary to follow guidelines and rules, provided by their creators. Our understanding of these principles allows us to work with code effectively through reusing its parts, making minimum mistakes and speeding up the development process. It also helps us embody your ideas more effectively because our agency knows how to actualize any function required. We live in a world that is controlled by the Internet, and the number of technologies related to it is constantly growing. One the most crucial parts of creating a custom web application is choosing a coding language. There are many resources for building of an internet app, but these few are the most popular.


Newly crowned favorite of developers from all around the world, HTML5 is taking over the Internet, pushing Adobe Flash away from the pedestal because of its instability and vulnerability. It’s extremely versatile and pretty simple to learn, so many developers make HTML5 their weapon of choice. It’s predecessor, HTML 4.01 hadn’t been updated for almost 14 years, and now it’s trying to show everyone it’s simplicity and friendliness.


Literally the face of the Internet, CSS has been used to construct internet applications for almost 20 years and is definitely one of the cornerstones of modern new media. Cascading Style Sheets makes markup languages visible, e.g. turns aforementioned HTML5 code into functioning website or application, laying elements, built in markup, out on the website, giving it a specific look.


One of the pillars among programming languages for web applications, JavaScript (frequently abridged to JS) is a quick, dynamic, and widely used tool for designing internet applications, which appeared 25 years ago. In a way, every website is Java website, since it’s the third “cornerstone of the Internet” along with HTML and CSS. Based on Java, JS has its own unique character, which excels him from another website application software.


Another technology, commonly used in websites and web apps creation. The very first version of this instrument came out in 2001 and drastically improved since then, claiming the title of must-have web developer’s tool. It allows programmers create dynamic internet pages, web applications, and services, using server-based program code. This means that each user gets website contents in a way that he wants using browser settings.


A freely distributed developer’s instrument, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor — roughly a translator between programming languages. Its primary purpose is to broaden website or web application functionality beyond basic media elements such as pictures, audio, and video. PHP is constantly opposed to Java, but they both have their own features and advantages, leaving the right of choice to developers.

Haute couture web development

Just like in fashion, web application development industry has two sides: one stamps off-the-shelf mass product that won’t attract much attention, while another creates something unique and genuine, something that will be spotted if not remembered. We aspire to represent the second strata, providing you the best internet applications possible while attracting attention to your product. Our work is meant to meet your expectations, so we will gladly integrate all functionality you require for a dream app.

Cloud application development

This type of applications operates on remote servers, which are often called “clouds.” In general, they need Internet connection, but some of them may be available offline and upload data to a cloud the next time you go online. Just like regular web app development, apps for clouds are going through certain steps:
  • Coming up with an idea;
  • Discussion and planning of realization;
  • Wireframing and laying out;
  • Programming and engineering;
  • Debugging;
  • Initial release;
  • Further support and troubleshooting.

Developing your own app

Let’s investigate a bit further into the process of web app development. Our company has been practicing in this craft for years, and today our flexible workflow allows us to to the best job in shortest terms.


First of all, we need your idea to turn it into a swift and rapid web application. It may belong to any industry: online payments, entertainment, design, science — we’re always ready to give it a huge head start.


After you share your groundbreaking ideas with us, we start discussing a work plan for nearest weeks or months. Every step is thought through, as we estimate approximately expected time for each task. We also come to an agreement on terms, cost and your expectations of our job.


Once the deal is sealed, we start to develop a prototype of your future web application. Our agency will offer you few layouts before you choose one that fits your interests perfectly. At this stage, we discuss expected user experience and emotions from using your app.


We know how it will look, but how’s it going to work? To solve this riddle, we call our coders and engineers. Together they elaborate on web application’s architecture and structure. This stage may take the most of the development time, but impressive tests results and smooth performance worth every second spent on this step.


The source is done, and now beta-testers go in action. Their task is to find every possible mistake that can ruin user’s impression of your app and correct it. Apart from that, they perform general QA and UX tests, making sure that everything looks just the way you wanted it.


Our company is always responsible for its product, so we never leave our clients unattended after the initial release. We provide a variety of fixes in areas of design and functionality and keep in touch with you and heartily welcome your corrections.

We are waiting for your ideas

We believe that we can mutually win from collaboration. You get the best web application or site that can possibly exist, while we gain experience and joy of making your dreams come true. We are highly interested in your success, so don’t hesitate to use our services. Our designers, developers, and marketer are proven experts in their areas, controlling every step of app creation and distribution, and they’re ready to create application for your business, whether it be a newborn startup or respected company with a long history behind its back. It’s obvious that ideas matter, and if you have a great one in your head, contact us.