Preeminent Software Development Company Is Here For You!

Our software company, located in the USA, excels at the development of custom program solutions. Highly-qualified designers, programmers, marketers and software analysts unite their efforts to create a phenomenal application for your business.

Services our IT company provides

Whether you own a transnational company with over 100 employees or starting up a business that will conquer the whole industry, our team got you covered. From the standalone artful application that represents you online to an exquisite corporate solution that improves your overall administration process. Our team completes all these tasks with precision and punctuality that will astound you.

Our software development company:

  • Gives consultations and adviсes in regard of outsourcing app development;
  • Investigates markets to be sure that your software finds its customers;
  • Creates UX/UI design for any target audience;
  • Can integrate your custom project with your other services;
  • Always ready to dig into your current software and fix it.
  • Our coders are in continuous seek for experience, and the would be really glad to make your dreams come true!
  • Advantages of custom software

  • Unique features

  • Types of apps

  • Native apps

  • Hybrid apps

  • Web applications

Advantages of custom software

Even if you never really thought about getting a custom software yet, our company has a few reasons for you to do so. Trust our experience — any company can benefit from masterfully crafted application, whether it be a custom cashier system or a payment scheme. There are many more other benefits of bespoke software solutions that are not so obvious.

Integration with your data and other services

One of the most popular reasons why our clients ask for a custom software development is that they want all their information to be in one large ecosystem (or a cloud, or a server), from where all this data can be reached easily. This is indeed very convenient — your workers can edit documents or create reports remotely or participate in company’s life even when they’re on vacation or cannot be at the office.
At the same time, you get the complete and thorough analysis of every aspect of your company’s workflow. Control over every task and manager may seem a bit ominous, but in the end, it increases the productivity of your staff excessively.

Unique features

Let’s presume that you own a delivery company that has around 1000 trucks. You may not be the leader in this industry, but you still get good profit from this business. But will “from-the-box” software cover your needs? Highly unlikely. Maybe you need tools to calculate a useful space in containers or a tracking system that will redirect your carriers according to the traffic? We don’t know yet what you might need, but as soon as you tell us what company you own and what are the main problems you encounter, our team will surely come up with a solution.

Individual approach

Aside from rare functions that you may require, our software development company can provide improvements in any area of your firm’s life, such as accounting, archiving and task management. If you need any specific requirement for any business process that you find troubling to perform, just tell us — our agency is made to ease your life!

Types of apps

The user-oriented software divides into two large groups: mobile and desktop. And if everything is somewhat clear with desktop, the world of mobile programs turns out to be terra incognita for most of the people. To cut out all the misunderstandings, our team has prepared a little guide through the types and kinds of non-desktop applications.

Native apps

This type of mobile software belongs to one and only platform (operating system), such as the iOS, Android or Windows 10 Mobile. In case we’re talking about iOS, native apps are designed for a determined pack of devices, such as iPhone or iPad, which provides developers access to the power of these devices and gives the restrictions to the whole development process. But when we talk about Android operating system, it’s evident that this may backfire at some applications. Just imagine millions and millions of smartphones run by the same OS, but having the completely different hardware. Eventually, this will cause a conflict between the machine and software, where first won’t be able to provide enough resources to the second. On the other hand, Android offers a larger amount of potential users since it is installed on around 85% of devices in the world.

Hybrid apps

Available at several platforms at the same time, these programs can provide users with the same experience on different devices. But you should always remember that they are much more expensive and resource-demanding. They’re also often unstable due to their cross-platform nature. But if ubiquity is paramount for your business, you can also think about the development of two different programs for different operating systems.

Web applications

Most of the websites today are considered to be web applications that communicate with user and server simultaneously rather than just display information from a server. This type of apps is universal but sometimes impossible to display at mobile devices. Keeping this in mind, you should meticulously think of your plans. Do you want your app to be portable? Go for the mobile apps! Aiming for internet users? Web applications would be a better idea!

How do we do it?

In our software development company, the process of creation of a new program usually goes by the same path. It means that we are highly-expertised in this field and know how to build software.

Marketing research

This stage is crucial for anyone who wants to create a standalone application and not the corporation software. During this period, our marketers come to a conclusion on the niche where your app will generate the largest profit and discuss the strategies of promotion in social media and app stores. You won’t believe how many groundbreaking programs have failed because they had no support and went down unnoticed. You don’t want this happen to your application, right?

Developing a plan

As soon media plan is ready, it’s time to get to business and think about the ways your software will work. Our designers and coders discuss the main features that are a must for you and unite them into a greater concept that can be called an application blueprint. This stage is paramount since it defines the main course of the development process.

Creation of design

This phase is all about the looks of your app. Our design unit creates few mockup layouts of your coming software, and then you pick the one you like the most or add some comments on what you’d like to see in the final release. They also think through the behavior of your software, starting from a login screen and ending with a “Legal notes” page.

Engineers at work!

To create a tailored software, our coders build an architecture of your software from scratch, which allows them to make your application exceptional. Sure thing, they don’t write the whole code by themselves because that would take too long to do, and they use special coding tools, called frameworks. These instruments provide ready solutions for some basic functions, but the whole idea and wiring inside of your software will be exclusive and distinguished from any other.

The finest quality — for you!

Instead of “Code first, fix later!” approach, our engineers control every step of the process, from the first lines of code to the final release. This granted, they’re able to fix errors on the run instead of rewriting a finished project again and again. Needless to say that this approach might be resource and fund demanding, but it definitely worth every dollar spent on it.

We got your back!

Your application shines in every top chart, but users are discouraged by some features or want to add new. If you are not ready to do this by yourself, our team is always here to cover your back! Technical support, minor bugs fixing, adding and removal of functions — anything you want is our command.

Reasons why you should work with us

We are the team of experts who love what they do. Software development has become our job after it became our passion. Our team consists of superior professionals who pursue new experiences in this industry. Do you need an app that will trace of population change for rare species of fish? No problem, just let us merge into your data! Building yet another Facebook killer? We are always glad to help! Agility in approach and strictness in workflow allows our agency to move in any direction you want. If you want to attract new clients, increase conversion and profits, improve your business, or just test some new ideas — come to us!