Cost of Outsourcing App Development

We provide excellent web and mobile applications to companies from all over the world.We provide excellent web and mobile applications to companies from all over the world.

Professional mobile solutions

Our company is an award-winning app development organization. For over eight years, we have developed mobile products worthy of note to dozens of entrepreneurs who have decided to outsource their projects to digitally recognize their brands. The applications our dedicated team has built are welcomed by thousands of users, winning numerous awards and being presented in different media and still today are efficient and economical.

  • iOS Development Outsourcing

  • App for Android Mass Users

  • Cross Platform app

  • Business Web Dimension

  • Front End Enhancements

iOS Development Outsourcing

iPhone, iPad, iPod or iWatch is the goal of your company, and we write applications for all Apple devices to keep a reasonable cost.

The Apple Store is dominating download sales. Therefore, the development of applications for iOS is no longer a luxury. For startups, small and medium-sized businesses and reputable manufacturers, app development needs to be outsourced, regardless of cost, as the investment will pay three times the cost. Our development organization helps you reframe your philosophy to work with the best outsource professionals.

General Support

Does your business need that threshold? Outsource crazy iOS developer projects that are ready to incorporate your ideas into unique apps.

  • Developers adopt agile methods and deliver the best results.
  • Encoders use high-level languages ​​such as Objective-C, Swift.
  • Developers use the most advanced frameworks, such as Cocoa Touch, 3D Touch, Sirikit, and HealthKit.
  • We use every detail to present the right look, feel and performance to the end user.

Interactive and customAs the best iPhone app developer when clients need to outsource enterprise projects, we focus on developing applications that serve your needs and outsource app development costs is reasonable. We work in different niches:

  • Mobile Commerce
  • Wearable app
  • Location-based solution
  • Multimedia, internet portals, networks and games

App for Android Mass Users

Things are getting smarter now - cell phones, TVs, cars, clocks and even your home. Operating systems like Android are expanding screens of all sizes.

With 80% market share, Android continues to dominate the market. The development of Android applications is in full swing and has become a requirement for companies to outsource the creation of external interactions and robust solutions. From mobile applications to mobile commerce, from healthcare to education, our IT companies have the perfect idea.

Our team strongly believes in creative thinking, strong development processes and fair cost policies. We are considered as one of the top-level IT organizations and companies choose to outsource their projects to our team with strong technical skills and first-rate mobile practices. Our agency supports the created programs even after app launch.

Why choose us

  • Not just outsourced programmers, but professionals specializing in Android

Developers are agile sprites who think faster and faster. They keep working until you find the best solution, so you need any customization, builders are constantly delivering.

  • Agile methods and best practices

The Scrum-based Agile technology we follow in our laboratories and the proven best practices ensures high productivity, quality and fastest market time at a reasonable cost.

  • There is no commitment to quality

We provide high quality Android apps. Experienced testers conduct a series of inspections to ensure your app meets world-class quality standards.

  • Post-development aid

All team members understand the value of ongoing support. Therefore, we provide ongoing communication and technical support as well as applicable troubleshooting.

Cross Platform App

Create enterprise applications that work seamlessly across all operating systems.

Mobile app development is one of the key competencies in the market today. With so many platforms, it's hard to decide which platform will improve your business. As customers outsource their projects to our IT organization, we estimate all pros and contras and provide native app or multi platform mobile product.

Strong cross-platform knowledge helps developers deliver high-quality solutions that minimize overhead and maximize consumer engagement. The only code that works on different operating systems is the complete content of cross-platform software! We have a deep understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In addition, it also leverages Sencha, jQuery Mobile, Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic and other frameworks.

Multiplatform benefits

  • More structure coverage, so more potential users have achieved.
  • Harder maintenance and deployment process.
  • The appearance of the software remains the same, but some bugs are inevitable, because of the conflicts within different mobile platform standards.
  • Programming costs are nearly the same, as for the creation of 2 separate apps, but the maintenance costs are much higher.

Business Web Dimension

Solid and solid server-side platform outsource back-end programming.

Back-end web builds are all responsible for computing, storing information, interacting with the database, and overall performance. The backend is part of a Web solution that consumers can not see. Includes work with servers, systems, and databases.

When a user subscribes to a ticket or signs a letter, he or she interacts with the front end, but as the data is entered, it enters the database and is stored. Without a backend, even the best-designed sites will fail.

The backend is what your web solution needs

Having a strong front-end theme is feasible, but what you lack is an incredible team of outsource back-end developers. Our company has a strong web coders, who follow the best practices to make your software work brilliantly.

We know how difficult it is to discover the perfect outsource team for backend website developers. So, outsource this work to our professionals and rely on their proficiency.

What do we do for you?

  • Brainstorming

We are able to collectively discuss and leverage back-office web solutions to balance the front of the site.

  • Points

Develop APIs, business workflows, third-party integrations into competing market costs such as email lists, records modeling, and social networks.

  • Creation

Developers use a service-oriented architecture that follows contemporary Web standards to maximize the performance of each product during the coding phase.

  • Performance testing

We've carefully reviewed browser compatibility and implemented best practices to improve the overall performance of Internet sites or apps.

  • Delivery

After the last approval, the expert loads the file on the server and closes it. Generating scalable and powerful applications is our trademark - so we're the best choice to outsource your project.

Backend Web Development Technology

  • Languages: PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, .Net
  • Tools: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoB, DynamoDB
  • Structure: Zend, CakePHP, Django, Laravel

Front End Enhancements

Better code and higher web requirements - this is the full content of our front-end development services.

How we create a great front

  • Brainstorming

Teams come together to discuss the idea of ​​what you want to outsource and combine a wireframe based on your needs and wants.

  • Design UI / UX

With wireframes, developers can use the tried and tested methods and industry best practices to make the final design.

  • Development

Our developers use a clearer code to maintain world standards to maximize the power of each app during the development phase.

  • Overall Performance and Testing

We've thoroughly tested the app, browser compatibility, and implemented best practices to improve performance.

Front-end development technology

Graphic Design: Illustration, Wireframe, Sketch, Photoshop, Materials Design, UI / UX.

Web Design: HTML 5, Boot 3, Basis, CSS3, Custom.

Development tools: Easel JS, Sencha, Kendo UI, React JS, JS Ext, JS Backbone, JS Material, Angular JS, JavaScript.

You get What You Pay for

Plan and choose the right opportunity to meet your expectations, resources and cost needs.

Time and material

The T & M model is the best choice for those who need to outsource projects and save the flexibly. Here you are actively involved in the development of software products.

How does it work?

  • The company allocates a team and the team spends the current job recorded.
  • Calculate the monthly total number of invoices per month and the cost of the personnel involved.
  • You receive daily updates and recording of work orders.

Fixed payments

The fixed payment model is very good for small to medium tasks that have a clear and reasonable software requirement. Software developers and buyers have no risks, by fixing all the wishes in one complete document with description of the functionality of the future app. No changes can be done to the specification - and the price will be fixed. However, if necessary, according to the mutual agreement, any changes within the scope can be added and lead to changes of the cost.

Organizational issues

  • You pay primarily for project installation costs based on range and specifications that you can fully describe from the beginning.
  • Discuss the totality at the point of departure and estimate the appropriate costs.


This model helps customers be outsourced and consulted so you can provide the bottom line. This model is more suitable for the large organization that has limits with the development of its apps.

Cooperation structure

One group is located onshore with business partners to attend technology needs while the other is responsible for offshore demand.

This model is a mix of internal talents, with access to new features.

Outsourced Project Costs

No developer knows exactly the exact cost, and if possible, this organization has little interest in its success. To estimate the value of third-party software builds, the company's developers must conduct extensive customer interviews about their business wishes, functional needs and specifications for the product. However, as the digital marketplace is rapidly changing, and as the project progresses, you need to react quickly, introduce changes, and add new features, you need to understand that you can not pre-specify all software requirements.

Best Outsourcing Partner

  • Professional Outsource Developer

When you outsource your project to us, you get a professional team of developers with a strong understanding and a good technical foundation. Your problems will come to us with a clear solution.

  • Delivery on time

We specialize in fast delivery and continuous communication 24 hours a day to respond quickly to changing business conditions. We will continue to close the dates and milestones to provide solutions on time efficiently.

  • First-class approach

Programmers adhere to a robust development system, rigorous coding requirements, resulting in faster results to ensure that you are concerned with each step.

  • End to end maintenance

We use a variety of communications technologies, including Skype, VOIP, email and Telegram to provide customers with 24-hour support.