Some of our recent projects

Running coach

Track how you make success in running with a well-designed fitness app

A fitness app that will replace you a personal coach ensuring that you are achieving your goals. Several designed training programs allow users to choose the one that fits them more, whether they are the beginners or professional runners. We integrated GPS and accelerometer capabilities to allow the app to track indoor and outdoor activity and map the route. Integrated audio capabilities provide clear coaching instructions and inform users about their success telling about the time and distance the run.

Sales 24/7

Find about best deals in your city

A mobile app that brings all local deals in one place. Categorized search will help users to find the best offer in any sphere whether it is an excursion, spa treatment, restaurant, clothing shop or grocery store. Everyday updates let you access to the most advantageous deals in your town or city up to 70% discounts. Integrated geolocation identifies users’ location and informs them only about deals that can interest the user.

Walking library

A gold-mine of knowledge at your fingertips

A large number of users and a vast library of educational materials of one of the leading educational website needed a mobile realization to help the users get access to the knowledge from their mobile devices. We developed Android and iOS solutions with an intuitive and delightful design optimized for extensive educational materials such as books, articles, videos. We also implemented functionality that personalizes recommendations to users based on their previous choices.

Transparent votes

A mobile app that let Arkansas citizens know how legislator’s votes influence their lives

In our collaborative work with representatives of the Conduit for Commerce and the Advance Arkansas Institute, we developed an iOS app for reflection of AAI’s Freedom Scorecard report on rates of all legislators of the state. AAI wanted to create a tool that will show how some votes of some legislators affect the welfare of Arkansas citizens. The app presents the study of 2013 voting records in a convenient and intuitive manner; it also provides photos of legislators, bills the voted on, and their district map.

Say out loud

Sound recording and sharing networking app. Let the world hear your voice and music

One of a social networking application we developed was a sharing audio mobile program. The app allows recording, editing, and publishing audio files. Users of the app can also like, report, follow, comment and do all the classic social networking operations. We used Digital Sound Processing (DSP) to make possible sound editing and manipulation. Records can be saved as drafts and work on them can be prolonged in the future. Great app to share your creativity and find inspiration.

Where is my magazine?

Keep track of your favorite magazine

A magazine owners wanted to control their magazine distribution with a simple and convenient Android application supported with a web-based app. The mobile app was for couriers to inform about their progress and task completion, while web app was created for clients and managers to track the deliveries. Yii Framework, REST Protocol and ORMLite we used to implement client-server communication and usage of a database to storage and access reports. Google Maps integration visualizes couriers’ distribution points and builds optimal routes.