How It's Made: Application Development Services

We provide IT development services and are here to give you a major advantage in front of your competitors. Our supreme skill in this field allows us to build applications for any platform with any number of features you want. It’s our excellence to develop web and mobile applications as a software company.

Our application development services

We are here to help you turn your ideas into an efficient business application that will blow the Internet. Our app development service offers a variety of options in a creation of mobile and web products. We make iOS, Android and web applications for any purpose. In our sincere belief, all good ideas deserve living and incarnation, and here is our software development service, waiting for them to come in our clever hands. We will thoroughly transfer your idea into high-quality product carefully imprinted by our designers and promoted by our brilliant marketers to attract new users and partners. Our mastery at Swift, HTML5, CSS3, Java products, and C programming language family may be called outstanding without false modesty.

Advantages of mobile apps

The main benefit of mobile apps is in its name: mobility — you can take a useful tool with you, in a pocket of your jeans, to any place on Earth! You can communicate with beloved ones from any part of the globe or work on a new project in a subway. Anything is possible with a right set of mobile applications on your phone. But apart from that, web and mobile apps have a pleiad of crucial advantages:
  • They are available on any gadget, whether it be smartphone, tablet or smartwatch;
  • Mobile apps are relatively cheap or free, so it’s a great way to attract new customers;
  • Most applications collect user non-personal data, such as geolocation, age and amount of time spent on a particular app. Therefore, you can always know the demographic chart or geographical regions you should aim for.

Web applications

We live in the world where there’s an app for anything. Healthcare, entertainment, business, communication and even dating — all the areas of human lives come in shining gift wrappings of mobile and web applications. Aforementioned Chrome Web Store have managed to emerge into a huge web application platform in 6 years. Most of the apps that placed there are meant to ease and simplify site experience for the Internet inhabitants. Some give bonuses for some sites and services, simplifying access to them or drastically improving user experience. Aside from that, these extensions sometimes have their own functionality, allowing users to satisfy their needs while on the Web, like translating texts, chatting with friends, editing documents with others, playing games or performing money transfers. The most popular tools for web application development are HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Our web development agency has profound expertise in these instruments, and we are ready to prove it.

Cloud applications

Cloud application is a hybrid type program, that may be placed on any device — desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, but keeps the processed data on a remote server (aka “cloud”). In its turn, this allows cloud apps users to work on their documents or access their data anywhere. Even if there’s no Internet connection, your data will be updated next time you get it, which makes cloud application development one of the most fast-growing segments in IT-industry. Some companies build in cloud services in their operational systems and other products. Leaders in this business are IT-giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft with iCloud, Google Drive, and OneDrive services respectively, which means that number of cloud application development services is going to grow in next few years.
It’s necessary to understand the width of mobile and web app market. For example in the first two years of its existence, users have installed over 750 millions of apps and extensions from Chrome Web Store, while Apple’s App Store and Google Play both have over 2 billions of applications each. And they’ve reached these numbers in less than ten years!
  • App development technologies

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript

  • Swift

  • Java

App development technologies

There are many web application development companies, but essentially all of them use pretty much the same instruments and technologies to create applications. What matters in these businesses is the skill of programmers and designers, that they can apply to these instruments. But it’s still may come in handy to know the basic application development.


The must-have tool in any web application developer’s kit, HTML5 is comparatively easy markup languages, which is used in most of the Internet sites code. It’s quick, popular and has a long history, for the first version of this language was released more than 25 years ago. During this time HTML has managed to become one of the cornerstones of modern Web. In essence, it allows you to place media and other elements on the internet page in strict order, telling the browser how to represent defined site or application. The latest version, HTML5, have almost overthrown it’s predecessor HTML 4.01, which was dominating the Internet for more than 15 years and never been updated since then. At the moment HTML5 is one of the most web app developer’s languages that provides extensive functionality and easiness of learning it.


CSS3, the third version of Cascading Style Sheets is the second cornerstone of Internet structure that provides design of a web page or application. Simply put, HTML is the carcass of the website or application, while CSS is the boarding of it, defining how elements will be represented in browser. Necessary for anyone who has to deal with site construction, CSS3 is one of the musts among web design applications.


Universal and flexible, JavaScript has won hearts of coders from all around the world in 20 years of its existence. It allows creation of web and mobile applications with wide variety of functions, like online payments, entertainment, and documents writing and editing, but in most cases, it’s an excellent tool to change the behaviour of particular website or frequently found elements.


Apple’s new coding language was introduced to public in 2014 and is going places, but company’s master plan is to replace Objective-C as the most popular developer’s tool for iOS. Users and coders warmly welcomed Swift for its friendliness and simplicity for those who are already familiar with programming basics. Another Swift’s merit is its incredible reusability, which allows mobile development companies to increase their productivity through practicing their know-how’s over and over again.


Older brother of JavaScript is widely used programming tool that is used by most of Android app development services. For these purposes, it always comes hand in hand with Android SDK, which allows to run code on virtual machine and compile it for Android devices. Since Google Play has a slight lead in applications number before App Store, it can be said with no doubt that Java is the most mobile app programming language.

Development process

Apart from application development software, a team of coders, designers, engineers, and marketers needs strict plan of actions, algorithm for creation of successful web or mobile app. Luckily, we’ve mastered this craft and know this business good enough to know exactly what to do to build an awesome product. Even though it may seem simple at first glance, there’s always a great hard job behind every app our application development agency makes.

Starting with idea

Let’s assume you always wanted to make people's lives easier and comfortable. Or you dreamt of widening people’s possibilities. All in all, you have an idea, which’s got to be embodied. At this stage, you come to us and describe it in all details necessary. Should it be elegant? Should it be funny? Will it process lots of data? Will it be a trade market? It’s up to you to decide and up to us to design and code.

Arranging a plan

When we’re done with general idea of your future web or mobile app, it’s time to set priorities. What should our team focus on first? Design? Functionality? Promotion? All of the above? What platforms will it support? It’s a paramount step that defines all the next stages of development. Our collaboration will be stable with it, and you will always know what to expect from us, as well as we will know what to do at the moment.


It’s unreasonable to make an application and then see its copy in app store or market. To prevent such outcome, we thoroughly analyze current offers from other developers and invent our own approach to make sure that your application is unique, and one of its kind. Our marketers scout through app distribution platforms every day so you may be sure in unlikeness of your product.

Layouts and wireframes

At this stage, we’re ready to begin development, but before our software engineers dive into coding, they must know what to code. With this in mind we ask you about how your app’s interface should look, what user experience you expect and what functions are necessary for your app or website. Our design and developer teams also discuss the ways with which user will interact with app and will offer you a crude sketch of your future application.

Application development

Now our programmers know what to do in details, our coding unit may begin creation of an app. Depending on distribution platform chosen, they start path of building for your future product. It’s the hardest and the most resource demanding part of our business, but our programmers are not only qualified for it but love it with all of their hearts. At this stage, our IT agency also performs QA tests to release your application in the best condition possible and attract the most users.

Troubleshooting and support

It would be irresponsible of our app development service to forget about your software after initial release, so our digital agency guarantees full support until it gets completely stable and stands on its own feet. Our testers and QA specialists will catch bugs in the application and make sure that users have no difficulties with it. Our testers won’t give up until all the errors are corrected, and your product’s consumers are completely satisfied.

Work with us

We are business application development company, which consists of high-skilled professionals, who search for interesting tasks and urge for constant self-improvement. Our web developers team assembles talented coders and designers who are experienced in web and mobile app development. They are prepared to work on your app regardless of your ambitions and business size. Our development service will find an approach to your tasks whether you’re a large international company with centuries-old history or a young business that’s going to conquer the world. A beautifully designed and skillfully programmed application may turn the tides towards you and not only improve your image but also increase your profits.