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Experience is paramount in the field of app and website development, as well as the team of developers that make mobile software. After years of nonstop practice, our company has managed to achieve the pinnacle of app development artistry. The crucial part of this path is the endless improvement of our skills and profound understanding of development principles.
Our software development company always seeks for new ways of embodiment your most daring wishes and desires such as:
  • Marketing research and analysis of competitors;
  • Building of UX/UI;
  • Mobile, web, and native app development;
  • Creation of personalized websites;
  • QA and testing during the development and after initial release;
  • Promotion and PR in social media;
  • SEO-optimization for your application.

Advantages of an app for business

Any company can get the upper hand from software or website that is designed for it. Whether you are a brave startup or a respected conglomerate of enterprises, our mobile app agency is ready to help you complete the tasks that you put for your company. These are the most popular and obvious functions that are executed by the mobile software integrated into a corporate system:
  • Workflow control, timetabling and everything that has to deal with task management;
  • Accounting and all the control over funds;
  • Content management for blog platforms etc.;
  • Billing and logistics for retail networks.
Apart from internal use, mobile applications can also be exploited as standalone products that produce revenue or increase the brand popularity.
  • Some of software to create an app

  • Objective-C

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • PHP

  • HTML5

Some of software to create an app

Mobile app development is inconceivable without a proper software for building it. Our team of developers excels at this craftsmanship, and its mastery of instruments for software building is advanced. In the process of development, our mobile company uses many tools, but here, at our app developer website, we collected the most renowned and reliable ones.


A dominant player in the field of iOS app development, Objective-C started in the early 1980’s as an attempt to change the world of programming. Surprisingly, it succeeded and became a pioneer of objective-oriented programming, where parts of the code can be reused by developers over and over again without losses in quality or functionality. It takes a lot of features from its predecessor, C, which is still often used for the creation of desktop software. As said before, Objective-C is a primary tool for Apple ecosystem development, including iOS and Mac OS operating systems.


The main instrument of app development for Android, eternal Apple’s vis-a-vis, Java is essential for any developer who wants to participate in the market of massive mobile software. Since the number of Android-oriented applications is bigger than iOS-oriented, this programming language is considered to be one the most popular in the world of mobile app development. Just like Objective-C, Java operates with the whole pieces of code rather than determine the same functions from scratch every time.


Java’s offspring, JavaScript is often abbreviated to JS, and since its initial release in 1995, it has managed to become a major part of the Internet. Literally, there are millions of scripts, web applications, and plugins for an infinite number of websites. This programming language belongs to the family of client-side software which means that it mostly operates on user’s machine rather a remote server. It is considered to be easier for the non-programmers, but it still takes a decent amount of practice to learn.


A JavaScript rival, PHP is the second most famous programming language in website development. But the point is that Java and PHP are not competitors, but teammates. While JS controls user experience and interaction with a website (this is called “front-end”), PHP is responsible for “back-end” which means processing significant amounts of data that would take to long to compute on a standard PC. It also allows storing user’s data on the server without dumping the user’s machine.


In its essence HTML is not a programming language, but a markup language that allows websites locate their media in a strict order. But with the release of HTML5 its functionality went beyond standard capacity and stepped into the territory of web app development. Today HTML5 serves to developers as a powerful tool for construction of website applications and extensions, and it has “killed” Adobe Flash in a way. Along with CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript, HTML5 is one of the cornerstones of the Internet as we know it, which makes it an actual necessity for the web application development process.

How to make an app

To make a steady and functional mobile software or website, one must know not only the tools for its crafting but also the process of crafting itself. Our app developers’ firm knows this routine by rote and our agency guarantees that if you run to our services this process will run as smoothly as possible. Still, you can try to make one by yourself, and we will tell you what are the major steps on the way to this goal.

Idea and planning

Every application or website starts with an idea. Whether you want to enforce your current business or build a new one around the coming mobile software, it’s the ideas that matter in the very beginning of the development process. At this point, our agency will also discuss the primary functions that are essential for your future app. Once our team of developers embraces your dream, they start to build a plan, according to which they will develop your software.

Market research

It is considered that there’s an app for everything, so our marketing unit will scrupulously investigate the niche your application is aiming for and, if needed, will create a sub-niche for it. Our firm cares about its clients, and it is crucial for us to make sure that nothing will stand in your way to success.


At this stage, our designing unit makes a raw and undercooked layout of your application. It doesn’t have any functionality yet, but it will allow you to rate the look and user experience of your future application. Our app designers think everything through, from the login screen color to the kerning of the last line on the last page of your application.


Our programming unit is renowned for their tapestry of code that is as solid and functional as harmonical. At this stage, developers add the major part of functionality and features that are meant to be in the final release. In case you want to include or remove something, this would be the right time to do it.

Test drive

Your application is almost done, but before the release, it has to be thoroughly checked. The first part of this final exam is testing, the process during which our team finds major problems and solves them. Everything that can crash, freeze or fail your application is repaired during this stage.


When the last preparations are done, comes time to check it through for small errors that may cause lags and interruptions in the software. Our team of bug fixers will look through your app with a professional and precise eye and will find any troublemaking things to put them away.

Release and further support

The D-Day is here! Your application is in the store, getting its first downloads and ratings but some of the users send you e-mails with improvement offers or feature demands. If you want to satisfy them and make your mobile solution even better, you can always come back to us, and our website creation company will gladly add anything you want!
As you can see, app development process is a hard job that requires harmonious work of many professionals. Sure, you still can use application constructors, such as TheAppBuilder, AppMachine or AppMakr, but be aware of the fact that the more sophisticated software you need, the harder it is to develop it. You will spend a decent amount of resources anyway, but in our company thinks that it’s better to spend money than precious time.

Custom software developers: pros and cons

If you decide to use our services as a custom software developers, you should know that there are both light and dark sides to this. Firstly, we will speak about the positive aspects and then concentrate on the negative ones.
When we talk about the advantages of a custom software development companies, these will come in mind in a first way:
  • Total control of the process, when you get the full information about the way of development and expense of the resources;
  • Compatibility with your previous data, or, in the case of a new application, construction from scratch that guarantees that your software is truly unique and one of a kind;
  • Support through the whole process of the development and afterwards, if required.
But on the other hand, there are some things about custom software development that are not so great, and these would be:
  • It’s costly. A decent job always requires a decent pay and app development is not an exception;
  • It might take quite a while to build an efficient and highly functional software.
All in all, custom mobile application development is a perfect solution for companies that require very special features in their software or enterprises which value quality over money.
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